Everyone keeps telling me the trick to being a writer is to keep writing. I don’t think they say that to painters. But maybe they do.

I have friends who can’t stop themselves from writing. They don’t understand how I can NOT write.  They can tell I’m literate, and I edit their things and help make them better, and I can tell a funny story, so they just assume I must be able to write too. But what they don’t know is that almost all the funny stories I tell are just true.

My family is just interesting and funny, and we go interesting places and funny things happen to us. When I’m with them, and someone does something, I say, “You know you’re going to be chapter 57 when I write my book!” We’ve even decided what the title should be. And Then There Was More Food, because there always is.  We laugh until we cry, and then we go back for more pie.

2 thoughts on “Telling Tales

  1. Oh Sherron…

    They are right; the trick to being a writer is to write. You have to, because you become so full of stories, so full of images that you have to write them down if for no other reason, than to make room for more. A good friend once told me to explain it like this… “I have to write it is the only way to avoid ‘splodey’ head”, and that just about covers it.

    You already have the cast of characters, and the head full of images, heck, you even have the title. Start at chapter one and before you know it, chapter fifty-seven will be taking care of itself.

    It’s all about seeing and knowing the noteworthy in everyday life, the commonality between ourselves and our readers, the viewpoint that touches the heart.

    Get busy Missy!


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