I have been taking meditation classes, and learning about cherishing (blessing) others over self. So it’s quite fun that my daily note from the Universe said:

Haiku IdeogramThe subtle secret
to possessing all you want:
blessing all you have.

Haiku. Haiku very much. Haiku.
The Universe

And for a Bonus:

Oh, it’s hard to stop.

From writing these funny lines.

I love Japanese.

I love my little enouragments from the universe. If you would like to get them too, go to

Introverts Want You to Know — by Dianna Haught

(Sort of a guest post. Dianna put this wisdom out on Facebook and said I could share it as long as I credited her. Thanks Dianna, for the post, and the willingness to share.)

I am an introvert. Many of my friends aren’t. So I’ll give you a quick guide to introverts:
*It is NOT “good for us” to go out and socialize. It drains us. We have to withdraw and recharge. We hate crowds especially crowds with loud music and drunks. Good for us is a quiet evening with a friend or two with maybe some wine or hot cocoa. Not being a People Person isn’t the same as not liking people – we just like our people in smallish doses.

*We don’t sit around waiting for your phone call. We don’t like being interrupted by the phone. We like you a lot but not that way.

*We generally don’t confront. We are not confrontational people.

*Most of us, if abandoned on an island somewhere, wouldn’t notice the lack of people as long as the plumbing and electricity worked (can’t read in the dark) and we had books and a computer and a food supply. Well, we’d notice eventually, but it would take a while.

*Extroverts are dogs. We are cats.

*We write things down. We write in general. Words are the world and the universe. We live many lives and they are all in our heads.

*Very few introverts will know what color is in Fashion this season, although we can usually tell you more than you want to know about the science of color. Style for us means comfortable – preferably with no itchy tags. Sometimes we like to dress up in costumes though.

*An introvert can consider you their bestest friend for years and never see you at all. It’s ok, we write (email really) don’t we?

*Introverts have a hard time knowing what to do with themselves when made the center of attention in a group.

*We are not sitting around secretly wishing we had company. We have a cat familiar or two and it’s all good.

*Our answer to “Don’t you get bored being home all day?” Is “NO.” Being bored while being alone is not something we relate to.

*Introverts love you. You just might not know it.