I completely lack motivation these days. A friend told me that it’s not about Motivation, it’s about Discipline. I should set goals with intermediate achievements sprinkled in as “mini goals”  and have an accountability buddy. It seems so easy when he says it. He said signing up for a class or a group would make me participate. It sounded good, and I tried it. And if I were a high schooler trying to make the grades to for getting into an Ivy League college, that would be seriously true.

Truth is, adults make excuses, and since there’s no teacher, no life changing goal, we excuse ourselves from the activity  “just this week.”

Adults need true motivations. Discipline is just another type of motivation. If you don’t have someone standing over you with a whip, discipline is just another inside motivation. You know that since you’re an adult, people will give you a pass on anything that their life doesn’t depend on. We need to bring back tests and roadblocks that allow a person to go on. Tae Kwon Do is a lot like that. Your goal is that black belt and the respect of your classmates. Plus you cannot progress to the next belt until you pass the test. Maybe support groups and learning groups should consider this.

Yes, I’m trying to find someone else to blame my failures on. It was too big of a responsibility.

One thought on “Motivation

  1. Motivation is a problem…especially when the ‘prize’ isn’t good enough for the work. Letting little things go is what makes me get through the day. But in the long run, the little things are really all we have.


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