I love this image of our solar system pouring out of and being part of this simple egg. I don’t quite yet have the words, but I’m working on it. The connections, the circle. The rebirth. The sense of creation. The yolk as the sun. Life.

egg solar

2 thoughts on “Life, Death, the Universe and Everything

  1. It is very provocative because it shows how large the universe is, and yet how small we are compared to all of creation. I hope to live to see it proven that life exists on other worlds. I hope for people to understand that science and religion complement each other rather than being at war with each other. I hope someday people will understand that being different or having a different option doesn’t mean anyone is right or wrong, simply different. Beautiful picture.

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  2. Combining all of the atoms in the universe as constantly forming, collapsing, reforming, and regrouping, the only thing constant is change. We must learn to accept the changes in our lives and move onward toward a serene future.


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