“Alright, everyone look alUntitledert.

Move over, Cxut, I’m standing here.”

“Damn crowded platform, don’t know how you expected all of us to even get up here, much less get in formation.”

“Up straight, I think someone’s looking!”

“Where? Where?”

“Mpfl, be still, don’t look. I told everyone he was too young to come. He’ll give us all away.”

“Think beautiful. Hold your heads up—graceful, not haughty.”

“Don’t everyone look in the same direction! You look like a cadet review!”

“mutter grumble”

“I heard that!”

“Silence, everyone. It will so be worth it. Just open your senses to the now.”

Now is our moment.

3 thoughts on “Alien Spies Try to Look “Natural.”

  1. Alien Spies Trying to Look Natural

    I thought it was strange that the dog, the cat, even the bird seemed to be intently listening to the radio. Even stranger was the fact the radio only crackled and static rather than the music or news of the natural broadcasts. I stood and watched them for a moment before they knew I had entered the room. A tiny crackle in the floor alerted them to my presence. Without missing a beat they all returned to their normal postures and resumed a normal day.


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