Time to introduce you to another of my favorite poets, Dvorah Simon. This poem is from her exquisite book of poems, Mercy. Everyone should own it. As well as a poet, Dvorah Simon is a psychologist and runs the poetry writing workshop, “Words Rise Up From Silence.” And she can be found here: https://dvorahsimon.wordpress.com/

What About Them?

by Dvorah Simon

Noticing an audience,
I turn to Him.

“What about them?” I ask, gesturing.
“They seem … eager, or something.”

I am not sure what I am supposed to do.
These whispers and rants

were the very definition of private,
my insidest insides.

He roars and I step back, unthinking,
as if there is a “forward” or a “back,” here.

He’s almost choking like a hacking cough.
Dawningly, I realize it’s laughter.

This goes on for a while, long enough
for my own breathing to settle down.

Finally he finishes in a little happy wheeze.

“Did you think you could speak my Name,”
He says, “and no one would hear?”

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