What About Them?

Time to introduce you to another of my favorite poets, Dvorah Simon. This poem is from her exquisite book of poems, Mercy. Everyone should own it. As well as a poet, Dvorah Simon is a psychologist and runs the poetry writing workshop, “Words Rise Up From Silence.” And she can be found here: https://dvorahsimon.wordpress.com/

What About Them?

by Dvorah Simon

Noticing an audience,
I turn to Him.

“What about them?” I ask, gesturing.
“They seem … eager, or something.”

I am not sure what I am supposed to do.
These whispers and rants

were the very definition of private,
my insidest insides.

He roars and I step back, unthinking,
as if there is a “forward” or a “back,” here.

He’s almost choking like a hacking cough.
Dawningly, I realize it’s laughter.

This goes on for a while, long enough
for my own breathing to settle down.

Finally he finishes in a little happy wheeze.

“Did you think you could speak my Name,”
He says, “and no one would hear?”

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