I took a dog pill this morning!


I was blearily getting all my morning pills together on the counter (which I will never again do before coffee.) The dogs came over to beg. Anything small is a treat in their minds. They did remind me about the glucosamine pills that I try to give the older dog frequently. Since I forget things like that if I don’t act immediately, I stopped in the middle of taking my pills (never a good idea) and gave her the glucosamine tablets. They are large, good tasting (to dogs) chewable tablets. All done with that, I turn back to taking mine. As I swallowed that last one, I thought, “What was that big round tablet?” Suddenly it hit me; I’d dropped one of hers in my pile! It stuck in my throat but finally went down, still, I’ve burped dog food flavor for 2 hours now.

Yes, my life is often this confusing and amusing. It’s a learning experience. This one taught me never to stop in the middle of one thing to do some other, similar thing. Additionally, I learned that trying anything harder than making coffee, before the drinking of the coffee, is not worth the danger involved.

Be warned. If you ever visit me, do not get between me and the coffeepot.


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