Happy New Year everyone!

I realize I haven’t been good about posting my own writing for the last few weeks. I’m sorry for that, but I hope that at least everyone has enjoyed the poetry and other reblogs I have shared with you and that you have had a chance to discover someone new to enjoy.

I’m excited about a new year, with all new chances for undertakings and accomplishments. I have plenty of New Year’s resolutions. The first, of course, is to resolve to actually follow through on all my resolutions. Then, all the usual, of course: be healthier, budget better, be kind, and write more. I’m depending on the rest of you to help keep me on track with that last one.

A fun thing I have decided to do is to make a granny square a day using the 365 Squares found on Yarnutopia by Nadia Fuad. (https://yarnutopia.com/365-days-of-granny-squares/). She has a YouTube video for each different kind of square. They look like a ton of fun, and many of them look like a fun challenge.

I’ll try to photograph and post my accomplishments. With any luck, they will document my improvement.

Here is the first one, which, as you can see, leaves room for improvement.

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