I know my blog has been neglected the last couple of weeks. I’m fairly obsessed with the crochet projects that I have going, all three of them.

The 365 Granny Squares a Day project is very challenging. Nadia is teaching us a new stitch almost every square. Or at least teaching me, since I only knew the most basic stitches before this. My new favorite is the puff stitch. It gives wonderful, smooth, puffy look to whatever you’re doing. There are others with fun names like the half double. No, a half double is not a single. It’s its own special thing.

The other project is making a temperature blanket. I take whatever the temperature is each day, and do a row of stitches in colors assigned to match the daily temperature. That way, the first week of January was all purple, for near or below freezing. Then we had a couple of days of warmer, Royal blue, a day of still warmer cobalt blue, and a spring day that got warm enough for green. Then, two more rows of purple. Weather is fickle down here. After green, I have yellow, saffron, red, and finally brick-red for those days that it will be above 90 down here.

I’m probably going to have to go back and start over. My friend Darlene had what seemed like a wonderful idea at the time that we make our blanket a granny square, with each day being a round. We were visualizing how stunning it would look on a bed, that beginning purple square in the center moving out toward the warmer colors and then ending on the edges with the darker cold colors of December. We knew that it would probably be at least king sized.

Then my beloved son Thomas, actually started looking at just how fast it was getting bigger and counting the rows of some of the crocheted throws we already have around the house. It’s not going to be king size he says. It’s going to be house size. Because when you go one row all the way around a granny square, you’re making the blanket grow two rows in both length and width. Three months is going to be king size!

Since I’m obsessed and right now can only do a little bit each day on each of those projects, I have aside project, a different, brightly colored granny square blanket to work on in spare moments or while watching TV or listening to something or riding in the car, etc.

So that’s why you’re not hearing as much from me.


7 thoughts on “Still Doing the Crochet!

  1. Keep going, this is great! I have seen pictures of temperature blankets, it is such a cool concept. And they are beautiful! Can’t wait to see pictures of your completed projects. 🙂

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