If you know me, you know that I have serious problems with winter. It’s not just the icky cold and wet; it’s the dark. I have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. It drains my energy and makes me, well, sad and depressed. I have, over the years, tried several different kinds of special SAD lights. I want to share the one I am using now, because it is great.

Actually, it’s not one light. It’s a pair of lights and a reflective surface built into a pair of glasses. They look very sci-fi but they work.

And since they are wearable, and run on batteries, I can use them and still walk around and do other things. They don’t cover your eyes; they sit right above them, or in my case, right above my glasses, and make pretty rainbows on your eyes. You don’t see the rainbows, you just get a little glare.

Mine are made by Luminette  (available on Amazon) and I do recommend them by brand name. No, I’m not affiliated with them, and I get no bonuses if you buy them. I just know and love them. I’ve used mine for more than a year with no disappointments. They are light enough to wear for the 20-30 minutes that you need to wear them, they work, the batteries last a decent amount of time, and they are easy to recharge. They come with their own little carrying case and the charger and cord fit in the top of the case.

I really think of them as my miracle glasses. I can tell that there is a positive difference in both my energy level and overall mood on the days I wear them.

Anyone else out there need winter encouragement?

8 thoughts on “Battling Winter with a SAD Light

  1. Super!!! I am glad you have these to help you through the dismal days. I have never seen these before. I will keep them in mind to tell others that struggle so during the winter. My son has for years. So much so he finally made a move to Arizona to have sunlight almost 365 days a year. It has done wonders for him. These glasses sound wonderful for those that cannot make such a drastic move as he did.


  2. I have heard of this working for some people. I haven’t done it myself, but have been told to take a Vitamin D instead and to ensure getting enough outdoor time even during the darkest days. This doesn’t always work for me but I do love getting out in the sunshine even if it’s a short walk to the library or something…

    Will keep this light in mind for the future.


    1. Yes, making sure that your vitamin D levels are good is also very important. Many people don’t know that they are not getting enough vitamin D. Being outside whenever you can is also important. However, in some parts of the world, in some seasons, it is not enough. We are not designed to live in some places we live. These glasses help make up for a lack of sunlight that we would get if we lived somewhere else.


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