My life doesn’t completely revolve around crocheted squares but I have to admit to a continuing preoccupation with them. I even did a couple while I was vacationing on the beach. In fact, I’m so busy crocheting, that I can’t remember to stop to photograph every square, as I promised myself I would. Since I haven’t shown you any of the February squares yet, and it’s already March 11th, I’m not going to try to do individual pictures. Here is the month:

As you may or may not know, I, along with my dear friend Dar (Writing for Me), am now 70 days into the 365 days of Granny Squares project (started by Nadia of YarnUtopia) with 71 squares to show for it, since there was a February 29 “leap square” that we also did. It has been 70 days of both fun and struggle, of successes and laughable mistakes.

(My Facebook friends will remember #53)



I am still fascinated by the resemblance of many of the squares’ centers to mandalas.

Also, I’m still a bit amazed that the making of the granny squares seems to bring a kind of serenity and happiness that making a mandala is supposed to bring to a person.

Even when the stitches are confusing and difficult (see bullion stitch below), and not coming out looking like the examples, the making of the squares remains enjoyable. Fun. I look forward to making the squares each day. I even felt a tad incomplete when I missed a day. (I made up the Granny Squares I missed, or in the case of the beach trip made a couple ahead of time, so I have all 70.)

I’m very proud of them, mind you, and if I could, I’d make you hold each one in your hand and ooh and ah at them. But that’s not practical, and even the photos just can’t do justice to many of them and their lumps and puffs and chains.

For instance, you can’t really tell how puffy (and difficult) these two rounds of bullion stitches are from this picture:

Just take my word for it; I’m still learning with almost every square, every day. And I still highly recommend crochet (or knitting) as a hobby, as relaxation, and oddly enough, a form of structure and discipline too.

What do you do to relax? What do you do to learn and keep your mind active? This works for both of these for me.





8 thoughts on “February Granny Square Roundup

  1. I am finally caught up (except for finishing last night’s square) and believe a February round up is an excellent way to catch up my blog posting. Great job on the squares you have done so far.

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