What do you need help with in your life or business right now? What are you struggling with?

I recently read (in an article by Caitlin Pyle) that if you don’t know what service to provide, then ask this question of people around you. What I found out is that there is a fortune to be made in dusting. And other housework. I already knew this. If anyone out there is strapped for cash, start a cleaning service instead of going to work in a burger chain. The pay is two to three times better, you set your own hours, and there’s plenty of work. But what I was looking for was something else I could do so I could afford to pay someone to do my dusting.

What I love to do and want to do is to edit and proofread. But for some reason, no one thinks they need those services. Even writers. Which is, of course, just wrong. It’s especially wrong for people who wish to get their book published and even wrong for bloggers who just blog for fun.

People do judge your writing and your education and just plain judge you by your grammar and mistakes. Sure, maybe the point got across, but your reader had to wade through your misused and misspelled words to get there. And maybe they take your point a bit less seriously because you didn’t take the care to make sure that your words came out in an organized and well-written manner.  If you think I exaggerate, just spend some time reading reviews of indie-published books. People complain about mistakes and typos.

Anyone out there need an editor or proofreader?

But until I can get a business going, I need to ask the more general question, “Where can I be useful?” What are my other talents and abilities? How can I apply them to a need? Sometimes what you need to do is not what you want to do. Just keep going and keep asking. I believe the universe will eventually hook you up with someone who needs what you can do.

What are the needs in your family, community, the world in general? Can you help? I encourage everyone to be asking.

If you have stories to tell about helping, I would love to hear them.

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