Most of the Southeast is under a tornado watch.

Great. Just what I needed.

It is, indeed, quite windy and the sky is gray. That gloomy, depressing gray that makes you just want to curl up with your blankey. At least I want to sit quietly inside and hope it doesn’t get worse. My husband is out hiking to a cave with a bunch of equally looney cavers. I hope they are in the cave if weather truly happens.

 After days of highs in the 30s(-1°C), the temperature is 70°(21°C). That kind of temperature swing is not, in itself, unusual for North Alabama in the late winter and spring. But not January! Plus now, high winds and the danger of tornados. I don’t like winter under the best of circumstances and I shouldn’t have to put up with tornados on top of the wildly fluctuating temperatures.

I know those of you still living under snow will poo-poo my whining. I know every part of the country (world) has its different weather and different catastrophes. Blizzards, hurricanes, drought, scorching heat, tsunamis, earthquakes. And every day I’m grateful I don’t live there.

Then I think about places in the current news, like Australia and Puerto Rico, and I am humbled in my blessings.

I don’t even have an actual disaster, just the threat of one. So far.

Okay, now I feel guilty about whining.

Anyone want to tell me about a natural catastrophe you’ve lived through?

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