& About SO

I am NOT an old woman. But I’m definitely a grown-up.

I was a stay at home mom, for about 12 years, while I was homeschooling my two sons. They have both graduated and gone to college with scholarships (pat the teacher on the back). The elder graduated with honors in Biomechanical Engineering, the younger with honors in AstroPhysics.

I have lots of pets (2 cats, two large dogs, an aquarium, and a slew of wild birds and squirrels.). I hate to cook, clean or do laundry (the only thing domestic about me is that I LIVE in a house). I hate to exercise, I love my husband, I love&hate computers, I like to learn new stuff. Read like a mad thing.

I have two part time jobs, now.  I an an editor/writer for SimplySO and I am the “Relief Office Manager” at main headquarters at L.I. Smith & Associates when things are busy, and the regular regional manager for Alabama.

Sherron Ostrander

Random Interests, in alphabetical order:

angels, architecture, Asperger’s, astrophysics, autism, Ayn Rand, Batman Begins, cats, classic rock and roll, Dark Knight, doing beta reading, education, English Shepherds, Feynman, homeschool, Johnny Cash, language, linguistics, literature, lovingkindness, metaphysics, owls, philosophy, poetry, quantum mechanics, reading, religion, science fiction, Shakespeare, spirituality, string theory, vampires, writing.


4 replys to & About SO
  1. Nothing maudlin in this sweetly sad story of the love and loss of Katy. Her personality shone like a light through the entire tale, as did yours, and I loved it.


  2. Everyone wants you to have a blog if you are applying for a writing job. So I gotta get off my butt and update my blog and do something with my linkedin profile too. Thanks for commenting and getting me goin.


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