Some things others have written that I loved.  (all links open in a new tab)

Terri St. Cloud

I’ve found another poet/artist to share. She actually sells her work as prints and cards too, so you could own one. Go look. They are both beautiful and thought-provoking.

Haiku from Africa

By Liz Bard

I got permission to republish one of her poems. It is a post on my blog: Sharing Poetry. Look at and read it, then go to her blog and read them all! They’re wonderful! 

Trickster God 

This was written by a lovely friend of mine, Dawn Price, about the Christmas season and the accompanying greed and “busyness.”

POEM OF THE WEEK – The ‘Trickster God’ Awakes – Arts & Leisure – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | December 14, 2014.

The Signs of Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder – A Parody

by Ariane Zurcher in

The Signs of Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder – A Parody.

The writer of this is someone whom I greatly respect, and a woman with particular insight. I highly recommend reading her daily blog every single day.

update: She has turned the blog over to her daughter Emma, and it is still wonderful in a completely new way.

 The Next Century: His Holiness, Pope Francis the First

“When one realizes that life, even in the middle of so many contradictions, is a gift, that love is the source and the meaning of life, how can they withhold their urge to do good to another fellow being?” 


On a lighter note, A friend who, like me, has two sons and is frequently just dismayed at the things we don’t know:

Why Are They Given to Little Boys? 

By Christina Seeley

Delicate people, just keep scrolling.

I’m just gonna throw it out there. Penises can be a LOT of trouble.

Sure they’re fun and all, and even necessary for urination and helpful for procreation, so I am not hatin’ on penises AT ALL but….

I’m going out on a limb and saying that I think the universe flubbed up when designing this particular organ.

I mean who thought it a good idea to assign an unwieldy organ, not easily packed away and vulnerable to calamities such as zipper accidents, to a boy child? An organ that can spray urine at will? An organ that is just the right shape to fit into, let’s just say, for example, a coke bottle. And may then, fill said coke bottle with pee and carry it around, pee sloshing, a backyard or living room. Who would have designed such a thing? Certainly not someone who has ever cleaned urine off of toilet seats, floors, and bathroom walls while cursing.

We all know small boys and even some men are not emotionally equipped with the self-control or responsibility to handle the functions of such a body part or the mayhem and hilarity that follow certain functions of this body part.

Couldn’t there have been a little more discussion about boys and their natural love for all things stick-like and whether it would be wise to attach the equivalent of a sword to their bodies?

So, arrogant it may be, I stand by my opinion that penises are proof that some things in our universe were not well thought-out, glossed over…maybe rushed to meet some cosmic deadline.

I have two boys, eight and ten whose actions support my opinion/theory.


They’re kinda like The Cat in The Hat story….a big ol’ party or a big ol’ mess that the fish in the bowl is screaming at you to clean up before your mother comes home.

Comment:  it’s not the penis itself, it was permanently attaching it to boys that was the mistake in judgment.

Christina: Yes, my whole point!  I like penises, got nothing against them…just too bad they can’t be detachable and earned back with good behavior. (seven likes, so far)

(More comments some from indignant men)

Christina’s answer:  Look people, don’t get all sensitive. Penises have their place. They are great fun but this is about whether they should have been dispensed so hastily to a part of the population that I feel ill-equipped to handle them.  No puns intended. It’s just so hard… I mean difficult, to write about penises without puns.

Thanks, Christina! 

The Rise and Fall of Parenting

by John Pavlovitz  in his blog, Stuff that Needs to Be Said

“Before you’re a parent, no one prepares you for the way you will rise and fall with your children—how you will feel every bruise, celebrate each victory, share every fear. ” 

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