Well folks, I knew it would be a learning experience and it is. I’m learning new stitches; I’m getting faster; I think I’m catching on. Then I try to do a fancy square on my own without Nadia (#YarnUtopia) and how many sides does my square potholder have? Five! Of course. My poor daughter-in-law gamely accepted the poor mishappen thing and said it was star shaped. She’s very kind. But I’m keeping up the good attitude. With this snow and everything closing, I have time to stay home and practice. I won’t bless you with a countdown, this time, but here’s a picture of all seven from the second week of #365GrannySquares.


I’m especially tickled with the first and the last one. They are both 3D with petals. Petals are not easy. I was supposed to have twelve petals on the last one, the white flower, and I have 13. Otherwise, the week went well. I’m hoping to keep getting more and more consistent, so that all my squares are the same size, like Nadia’s are. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice!

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