So here are the last 10 days of January, granny square-wise. They are days 22-31, in order, starting at the top left. Some are incredibly beautiful, some just okay, some hard, some easy. One has sparkle yarn, which, unfortunately, doesn’t show up in pictures. (It’s the pink/hot pink one that should sparkle.) Several of these have 3D aspects that you really can’t appreciate in a photo. Number 27, the blue one with spokes, in particular is layered in a way you have to touch to really enjoy.

All of them have been instructive in some way. I’ve learned several stitches, and I’ve learned how to combine stitches to give effects that surprise you in the end.

Most of all, I’ve enjoyed making them. I like seeing them change with each round and become something entirely different. And of course, I love the sense of accomplishment and having tangible proof of having done something. Not all work has such a visible immediate reward.

And please forgive my lack of photography skills.

I’ve continued on into February and will keep on boring delighting you with my achievements.

As usual, I need to acknowledge my teacher, Nadia, from YarnUtopia.





8 thoughts on “Days 22-31 of the Granny Squares

      1. No problem! I’m loving these posts considering I have no crochet skill whatsoever. I like seeing your different color schemes and designs.


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